thor: hey
loki: wasn’t me
thor: what
loki: what

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Joss Whedon’s Avengers 2 emails in June Edition of Empire Magazine.

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Phase 2 Article [x]

… and Goddard was tearing off his clothes, screaming “I am the dark within light!” and we all unclad, except Svenga and Ulda and, well, any of the women, and the birds kept accusing me and judging me and picking at me and I’m not bread crumbs, I’m not a trail for you to find your way home, don’t put your rage in me, there isn’t room - shh! We must all be pointilism.

Fat jolly tears of happiness are rolling down my cheeks and I’m choking on my own saliva. Just so you know.

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Anonymous said:
Do you know if there's a confirmed release date for Thor 3 yet? Or what its title or working title might be?

Nope sorry. So far it seems the folks at Marvel are keeping tight lipped as far as Thor 3 is concerned, even though they’ve already named the release date for Cap 3. :/

Rest assured though that Thor 3 has definitely been confirmed, and writers Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle are working on the script (these guys have worked on the previous Thor movies, as well as other Marvel ventures). 

We can hope for 2016, but expect it might even be 2017. As for it’s title, again that’s something that hasn’t been given out yet.

If anyone out there comes across any info regarding Thor 3, please send it in and I’ll post it to godofmischief.org and forasgard.org. :)

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I am a monster.

am a monster.

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#steve is like what #someone’s playing galaga #wait i don’t know what galaga is #shit what if it’s important #is it a sport #is it a band #is it a board game #like monopoly #(thank god they still have monopoly) #god i’d better just look #it’s behind me isn’t it #there is nothing behind me #GOSH DARN IT 21ST CENTURY

I like how many parts of the movie you realize Thor, Steve, and Loki really do not know what the fuck is going on.

I just want a movie with Thor, Steve and Loki attempting to figure out this century. LIke, no action, no adventure, no explosions. Just wifi.

And then every so often Tony shows up and just rolls his eyes as Loki screams at the toaster, demanding for it to surrender his breakfast.

You guys really just want an Avengers sitcom, don’t you


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For the satanic anon, as requested.

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Apparently, they went shopping.

Then had fun in the dressing room.

Then chatted over coffee.

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Here, beneath my lungs // I feel your thumbs // Press into my skin again

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inspired by x

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Lane’s Cosplay Master Post!

It’s about time I made an updated master post of my cosplay and cosplay links! Below you will find all of the helpful link you’ll need if you follow, or would like to follow my cosplay!

If you have any questions about my cosplay(costume questions!) please check my FAQ link first to see if you can find the answer there! If not feel free to ask me! If you choose to follow me I hope you enjoy the ride and never be afraid to leave me a message, I get to them all! Thank you and now continue to enjoy your tumblr experience!

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